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Track any phone number online.

Anywhere in the world. All anonymously. And fast.

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TRACK PHONE gives you the power to do all this:

Find any phone on the planet

Enter a phone number and TrackPhone finds their location, just like that. No software to install. No hoops to jump through. You’ll know where they are in seconds, completely anonymously.

Lookup by number

Did someone call you and hang up? Now you can find out who they are, their address, and even where they work. Yup, TrackPhone is really that powerful.

Send an anonymous voice message

Want to tell them something without revealing who you are? TrackPhone can help. Just punch in a message. We’ll convert it to voice and fire it off to the number.

Scan for privacy breaches

We take your privacy seriously. So when you create an account, we’ll watch the Internet and let you know if the email tied to your TrackPhone account has been exposed in a breach.

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What makes TRACK PHONE so unique?


They’ll never know who’s trying to locate them. Ever.

Nothing to

Seriously, no software, no app, nothing. Just enter the number in your browser and TrackPhone does the rest.

Works on old phones

Even those old flip phones from 2003. And if they have iOS or Android, you’re covered too


Find anyone in the world in about 10 seconds. That’s longer than the walk from your kitchen table to the front door.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

No tech knowledge required here. TrackPhone is simple to use. Just punch in a number and go.

See how it works

This quick video will tell you everything you need to know.

What real customers are saying about TRACK PHONE

“Wow. TrackPhone works fast. Like really fast. I entered the number, chose a custom message, and that was it. In under a minute, I had their location.”
“My wife told me she was working late. TrackPhone was able to tell me the truth. It really changed my life. I’m so thankful.”
“Our son was traveling around Europe with an old phone that doesn’t have data (oh to be a student again LOL!). We wanted an easy way to find out where he was for some extra peace of mind. TrackPhone did the trick
“As soon as I found out there’s nothing to install, I was sold. And the price really sealed the deal.”
“Being able to type my own custom message is a game changer. I can tailor everything to make sure the person on the other end actually clicks the link. Super helpful.”

Got something to say about TRACKPHONE?

We’d love to hear it. And of course, you’ll remain anonymous.

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How Do I Use TRACKPHONE — The Ultimate Cell Phone Number Tracker on Planet Earth: FAQ

TrackPhone is a reliable phone tracker by number that's far ahead of any of its competitors on the market. Type in the phone number, TrackPhone does its job, and you get their current location the moment they tap on the link we send them. It's bound to exceed your highest expectations and be your go-to way to track a cell phone location by number.
Don't worry! With TrackPhone, help is at hand no matter what, as it doesn't require having any physical access to that device to check number location.
Do you know their relevant phone number? Then you're all set and can easily find location by phone number.
It sure does sound incredible, but the answer is a resounding yes! No need to be tech-savvy or use any third-party apps. TrackPhone was designed with such care that anyone can track a cell phone location by number without scratching their head. Pay for your subscription, punch in the phone number, and TrackPhone will get down to work. Once the recipient taps on the link in your message, that phone number location will be viewable on a map.
Of course not! Yes, it may be hard to believe, but this mobile number tracker works without installing any extra apps. You won't need to tinker with either your or their phones. Thanks to the bleeding-edge technology backed right into TrackPhone, you won't need to use your phone as well. Got access to a web browser anywhere? Getting their location by phone number is in the bag then.
Usually, TrackPhone will take no longer than about a few minutes to send them a message and track location by phone number. Keep in mind, though, that their phone may be off, or they may have turned Airplane Mode or Do Not Disturb on. In this case, it may take a little longer for them to tap the link in your message and for you to learn their whereabouts.
Well, it depends. Once you've decided to track their location by phone number, TrackPhone will send them a text message with a link they'll need to tap. What's in the message is for you to decide, so it's your call if you wish to hide your identity. But remember that if you choose to hide your name or write vaguely, they might be less willing to share their location. Clarity and openness in your message are key to finding where they are.
As we've said before, as long you know their current phone number, TrackPhone will take care of all the rest. If they switched not only their SIM cards, but their phone number as well, you'll have to find out their new number for our cell phone number tracker to work.
Installing software on anyone's phone without their prior consent and knowledge is shady at best, if not outright illegal. This is where TrackPhone is different. Do you want to track location by phone number? Remember, TrackPhone will require the person on the other end to decide if they wish to share their location or not. To tap or not to tap—that is the question. The one for them to answer. Our service is different from many tracking apps you might have read about or used in the past, as the process is not automatic.
Yes, it does, and no, there aren't any we're aware of. For TrackPhone to work, what mobile network they use makes no difference. After using it for a little while, you'll feel like you've known how to track a phone number forever—there simply aren't any pitfalls to think of.
TrackPhone does its job spectacularly well. It supports any device that may spring to your mind. Remember those old-school Blackberries or even funny flip phones from 2003? We got them. And if they have any version of iOS or Android, you're covered too. All you need is for their phone to work and their number at hand. You'll be able to find location by phone number even if they are firmly stuck in their old ways.
It sure can help! Why not try? Whether you left it on a bench somewhere or had somebody rummage in your belongings, you can and should use TrackPhone to send a text to your own phone. It's perfectly conceivable that the person on the other side will tap on the link, thus letting you know your phone's location. Remember, you can create a custom text message. Having a tailor-made message can increase your chances of successfully finding the location by phone number.
We'd be happy to help you out and offer TrackPhone free of cost, but almost nothing good in this world comes free! TrackPhone is filled to the brim with powerful technology that keeps on getting better and better non-stop. That alone comes with a cost, and we need to charge for that. The upside? The price just can't get any lower. For less than $1, you can try the service out. Then you can upgrade to a monthly subscription plan to get the ultimate answer to the question, “How to track a phone number?” and never ask it again.
Please ensure there are enough funds on your card. Once you are 100% certain, contact your bank and ask whether it's set up to process international transactions. Still having issues? Feel free to use a different card, or consider contacting us directly to help you sort it all out.
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